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Where Are the Teachers? Counseling and Leading at GSM

David Bhatti, International Field Director for all of GSM reminded me the other day of a foundation in this ministry: let the children come in. Who are the children and what do we do with them? We ask. The answer is simple: We are all the lost children of God, each person in grief, loss, addiction, loneliness, and self-destruction. What do we do? Let them come. Teach them. David’s reminder to me was that the only thing we are required to do is let them come and God will provide the healing when we are available to work with Him.

At GSM we are in the business of training Samaritans to teach the Kingdom of God. There are many ways that you can be involved in training with us. You can attend our bi-monthly Bible Teacher Training through the year where we train you to teach the Word of God through a Samaritan Perspective. People in this group are trained and then preach one lesson during the Bible study in the Winter.

You can also join our intensive three-year Counselor training course where we will prepare you for working in the Christian field with hands-on training from renowned teachers and life-long counselors. Counseling with GSM is the heartbeat of our ministry and we need many counselors to meet the high demand for counseling.

If you are ready to get involved - contact our front desk at 503-644-2339.

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