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Reconnecting and Rejoicing

After the global pandemic we all noticed a change about how we host meetings. Zoom entered into our lives to save us from complete disconnection, but now we are asking, are we still actually connecting when we appear over a medium such as the internet? How can I connect with people when I am also connected to a different environment such as my home and the distractions of my family around me?

We at Good Samaritan Ministries are asking these questions constantly regarding teachings, groups, counseling, etc. How do we make sure people are present to each other and gaining from our teachings? Are we going to lose relationships with our Samaritans when they don't join us bodily?

We know a few things for sure: the Holy Spirit is the ONE who connects us. Does the Holy Spirit move in your home as He moves in the office? Yes. Is it still a beautiful place to rejoice and connect at the GSM office? Yes.

We will continue to offer zoom for our counseling trainings, some groups, and classes etc. But we encourage you - come be us. If you can drive to be with us, please do so! We long to hug you and make you feel seen and known.

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