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Below are upcoming events at Good Samaritan Ministries

International Day of Prayer & Fasting

June 1st- 2nd 2024


All Samaritans around the world are called to participate in a 24-Hour prayer and fasting for the ministry and the work of God in the world. 

Prayer and fasting begins at noon on June 1st 2024 and concludes the following day on June 2nd at Noon. 

The Beaverton office will host a prayer time together, including internationals via zoom on Sunday, June 2nd from 6am-Noon. Followed by a Potluck and celebration for Cindy Womack's retirement.

International Day of Prayer (Facebook Post).png
Cindy‘s Retirement Party.png

Cindy Womack's Retirement

Gather at the end of the Prayer & Fasting event at Beaverton Office to celebrate the Retirement of Cindy Womack! The zoom link above will remain active for those who wish to attend via zoom.

Submit any pictures or memories of Cindy to Bethany Black at These are Due by May 21st. 

Training for Trainers

Wednesday June 5th - Saturday, May 8th, 2024

Christian Renewal Center, Silverton OR

This intensive training is designed for Samaritans who wish to learn about how to be a leader, whether a Center Director, Satellite Leader, Counselor, Group Leader etc., all are welcome to join this training. Registration is closed. Email for any questions about attending.

Cost: $199 for 3 nights and 11 meals

Estate Planning Brunch

June 15, 2024 @ 10:00 am

You are invited to a brunch at the Beaverton office and listen to a presentation about estate planning from an experienced attorney as well as a CPA. Invite your friends (registration required)


2024 Annual Gala

Saturday, September 28th, 2024 | Portland Golf Club, Oregon

Save the date for the 2024 Annual GSM Gala Fundraiser at the Portland Golf Club.

Check back later in the year for more time and information as it becomes available.

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