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Good Samaritan Ministries offers donation-based counseling services to all. Counselors provide their services based upon a foundation of unconditional love and acceptance. Counseling may address both the symptoms of client concern, as well as deeper healing of emotional wounds.

Counseling Services

Cost for Counseling:

Our counseling is covered by loving donations, as such, we do not bill or charge for services. We encourage those who come to counseling to consider donating to the ministry but we will never turn anyone away based on an inability to donate.

Who can apply:

Adults over 14 can submit their own applications. We do not deny services based on age, ethnicity, religious background, sexual preferences, gender or disability. Children under 14 may apply for counseling with parent/guardian consent. Guardians, use the Request for Counseling Form and indicate the child’s age and relationship to you on the form. We will contact you for more instructions when a counselor is assigned to your child’s case. 

If you are unable to fill out the application for yourself due to other-ability, or limited resources please contact our office at 503-644-2339.

How to Apply for Counseling

Step 1 – Download and print the following forms:

Step 2 – Submit the forms in any of the following manners:

– Fax: (503) 646-8898

– Mail or hand-deliver to: Good Samaritan Ministries
7929 SW Cirrus Drive, bldg. 23 | Beaverton, OR 97008

– Email –

Office Reception Hours:
Monday – Thursday | 9am – 8pm
Friday | 9am – 5pm

The Process:

Once your request is submitted you will be added to our waiting list until we can match you with the next available counselor. Once we find you a counselor we will contact you during office hours to schedule your first appointment. Our front desk reception will call you the evening before your first appointment to remind you of the date, time and location.

Please feel free to call us with any questions: (503) 644-2339 |

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