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Corporate Giving

We are committed to providing partnership opportunities that help us fulfill our mission to pay the price for the healing of the nations, while also meeting your business goals. Your support of Good Samaritan Ministries (GSM) sends a message that you value the health, wellness, and spiritual development of individuals, families, and communities through your passion, work, and business.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Electronic communications

distributed bi-weekly to 12,000-14,000 households 

Print newsletter

distribution to approximately 5,000 households quarterly

Paid advertising

and affiliate relationships with many local businesses, groups, clubs, and committees with a reach of up to 100,000 households

Program Sponsor Opportunities

Session Sponsor: Every year, over 5,000 individuals come through our doors, or meet in-person, and online for 1-1 therapy sessions, groups, classes, children’s programs, community events, and Bible studies. Sponsorships are critical to funding service expansion, program management, and facility upgrades. Sponsorship Opportunities: $500- $5,000 – Click HERE to Give, Email:, or call 503-644-2339 Ext. 119

Counselor Training Sponsor: GSM offers a 3 year, Certified Counselor Training (CCT) to individuals in over 26 countries. This training is offered in-person, and online so people can join us from anywhere, to learn evidence-based, and Biblical practices to use in their personal development, and/or personal ministry. Your support covers the cost of training materials, technology upgrades for satellite centers, and program expansion. Sponsorship Opportunities: $500 – $5,000 – Click HERE to Give, Email:, or call 503-644-2339 Ext. 119

Area of Greatest Need: Help us meet the needs of the vulnerable populations we serve. These funds provide everything from hotel & transportation vouchers, housing resources, addiction & recovery services, case management, career assistance, and MORE! Your generous contribution ensures those with the greatest needs, are empowered to live in wholeness, and purpose, while recognizing their full potential. Sponsorship Opportunities: Sponsorship Opportunities: $500 – $5,000 – Click HERE to Give, Email:, or call 503-644-2339 Ext. 119

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