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Ted Eaton

Board Member

Ted Eaton

My wife Lynn and I live in Happy Valley, along with her daughter and our two grandsons. I have a son and a daughter who live in central Florida. While I was raised in Portland and then lived in 11 states, Lynn is a lifelong Oregonian.

We both enjoy dancing and belong to the Covington Dance Club, where we have both served on the club’s board. Lynn was a friend of Bettie Mitchell’s since the 70’s. We had lunch with Bettie at her home not long before she went to be with The Lord. We have been involved with GSM for a number of years, and currently are the team leaders for the Senegal Satellite. We have a personal relationship with Tunde Odukoya, and his family in Dakar. I talk to him often by WhatsApp. I have a strong belief in the importance of community, as does Tunde, and he runs his mission accordingly. Several years ago, during an Islamic disturbance in the area, several of Tunde’s neighbors stood outside the mission and protected it, and his family, saying they are good people and GSM is good for the local people.

We have travelled to Senegal several times, as well as in Tanzania, and Kenya for the African National Conference. We have both travelled extensively, and I lived in South Korea for a year. I have travelled in all 50 states.

Educationally, I have a Bachelor’s degree with a focus on marketing to Hispanic groups and Spanish language. My MBA was focused on international marketing and economics. Occupationally, I spent the bulk of my working years in the insurance industry, advancing to the Vice Presidential level, and worked for several companies in 10 different states. My last position was managing the market support for estate and corporate finance planning, and I have a strong background in finance and accounting. In the course of my career/life, I’ve served on the boards of a number or organizations and have served in a support role for the church.

I am a strong supporter for GSM, and believe in our mission. I’ve seen the good that can come from our missions. The Senegal operation is a good example, being a Christian organization in a country that is over 95% Muslim. If elected I look forward to serving as a GSM board member and helping to further our mission.


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