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Moses Mbona

Prayer Support

Moses Mbona

I was born in Uganda, both of my parents are from Rwanda but they grew up in Uganda due to the conflict that was happening in Rwanda. My family decided to return to Rwanda right after the genocide of 1994. So i grew up in Rwanda where I started my education, I finished my high school and degree there. In college I did administration and social work. I first visited USA in 2008 when I was in high school. My music group and I traveled for six months to raise sponsorship for a local non profit in Rwanda. I moved to USA right after college and I am currently living in Beaverton. I work with enterprise car rental and I am doing my second degree in economics. I enjoy music and watching basketball.

I grew up in a family of 8kids, my 5 sisters and my 2 brothers. I was raised in a Christian family where two of my sisters are pastors and that shaped my upbringing. I was involved in the ministry as a young boy, singing in the choir, worship teams and music groups. I was blessed to be able to travel the world as a young boy, that opened my eyes and to experience different cultures and see different parts of the world. Growing up in the church that was and is very much involved in helping others has impacted my life, this is definitely where my passion to serve the vulnerable, the poor and those at risk came from. I have heard so many amazing stories that GSM is doing all over the world and that has made me want to be part of this great ministry.


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