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Lance Hallberg

IT Committee

Lance Hallberg

I was born and raised in the Portland metro area and am currently 51 years old. I graduated from Beaverton High School and attended 3 years at Portland Bible College. I also attended PCC, taking classes in Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy. I hold no post high school degrees. I am currently divorced and have two grown daughters who live in the Tigard area; Madisen age 21, and Chloe 19. Though broken, our family remains very close and we cover each other with grace and love, for we are all neighbors in the Kingdom of God.

My family has been very involved with GSM over the past 30 years. We helped with Family Therapy Camp, cleaning the office once a month and participated in Teacher Training, Bible Class Training and Madisen and I went on the Israel Tour in 2008. I attended GSM Level 1 and 2 counseling training during the 1990’s.

I currently reside in southern Florida during the winters and live in Beaverton (6 blocks from GSM office) in the summer and fall months. I travel frequently for business and other reasons, flying about once a month on average. My current occupation is self-employment running a small software company from wherever I reside; I am extremely mobile.

I am called to be a Samaritan; no more and no less. I believe it is the highest calling and that it is a lifetime commitment. My vision for Samaritans is to be 100% available for those who are in need, and to remain faithful to helping those for life. I do not believe in promoting ministry as a business, but to teach the Kingdom of God with sacrifice. I believe all of scripture can be summed up in 3 words; Trust and Obey. My lifetime scripture is Micah 6:8; in the end, I only desire to hear “Well done”.

It is my desire to serve this ministry as a member of the Board of Directors, to listen and understand the needs of the ministry, and do what I am called to do through whatever doors God opens.


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