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Veronica Bloomfield

Administrative Assistant to International Program Development Director

I’m Veronica Bloomfield, the Events Coordinator for the Beaverton Office. I came to GSM via the Counselor Training program. My family and I were going through a rough patch; God’s healing through GSM’s counseling has truly been a blessing to my family! My husband and I began communicating better and working on our issues, my autistic son does not need me as much at school, my daughter is finding her way with college, and the call God has put on her heart. After I felt the healing and restoration that was happening within my family, I knew I needed to be a part of GSM and I began assisting Cindy Womack with counselor training. In Fall of 2022, I was asked to join the office staff here in Beaverton. I know that ultimately, God has called me to help counsel children, and I am finally in a healthy spot that I can do it. We talk a lot about how once you’re a Samaritan, you’re always a Samaritan. When I’m not at work you can find me in the forest or by water enjoying time with my family. In the summer, I love to hike by waterfalls or float down rivers. In the winter, I love sledding or tubing.


Veronica Bloomfield
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